Now it’s the blinds

22 Feb

Our house is screaming at us after almost five years. First, a while back, our main electric cable coming into our house needed to be replaced. We went about a week with no electricity in parts of our house, and ended up having to dig big holes and tunnel under our driveway. Big fun. This past fall, the paint suddenly all started peeling off all of the trim boards on the exterior of our house. Like, one day nice trim, the next day they were all peeling like your shoulders after a nasty sunburn.

Then, our refrigerator saga. And the possessed TV we replaced last week. A coupe weeks ago, our glass cooktop broke when someone (to remain nameless) dropped a pot on it. A few dozen shattered fragments and a big crack later, it seems we’re in need of a cooktop. Now, the blinds in our big living room window are going kaput. They like one position–neither open nor closed. Just hanging there in that one spot. It’s the same thing that happened in our bedroom this fall, right before the tension string in those blinds snapped and the blinds found a new singular position: hanging to the floor.

So, we’re in the market for some blinds, and a cooktop, as soon as our budget recovers from the TV. The moral of the story is this: home ownership is great. And really expensive and laborious. Maybe we should sell everything and build a straw house with home-made furniture and no electronics. Except my Macbook. 🙂

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