Burning Snowman

22 Mar

Saturday was glorious weather. Sunshine, a light breeze and 69 degrees. In honor fo the first full day of Spring–and to scare away the snow storm the weatherman says is coming–we held a Burning Snowman Festival in our backyard tonight. A cookout, on the slate tile patio–complete with one scorched, but not defeated, wooden snowman.

That’s right–the snowman survived our fun. He’s a little tipsy, but still standing. This cannot be a good sign…

Update: Zapped by YouTube

And deservedly so. It seems YouTube’s magic noticed that my video included a song from The Doors. My apologies to the late Jim Morrison. So, you’ll no longer be able to hear any audio from the video. Sorry I goofed.

Also, a little info about our snowman. He was salvaged from a trip to the landfill at a friend’s house a couple years ago, and had been sitting in our yard all winter waiting for his day. A good fire is an instant trip to that oneness connection with Mother Earth, I think. Healthy for the soul.

All of our backyard campfires are fueled by wood scraps from construction sites–that would otherwise head to the landfill. And an occassional dead christmas tree…

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