Worm Fans and Farming Again

25 Apr

Busy day on the bartblog wire. Here’s my afternoon and evening:

  1. Intended to plant a tree with Mesa. Checked two local nurseries, neither had any trees. (wtf?)
  2. Picked up two used ice cream barrels that will soon become part of my rain water collection system. They still have some melted ice cream in them, if you’re interested. Free tastes for all.
  3. Sent out my second red wiggler starter pack.  This one is headed for Brookings, SD. A friend of mine who works at SDSU came out with her husband today to see my operation, and went home with a bucket of composting worms for their fancy shmancy new hi-tech worm bin. Pictures are coming soon.
  4. The girls and I (and Bailey) headed out to the farm for more calf tagging. Hope’s addiction to calving is really escalating out of control…I’ve put in about 8 hours of chasing and wrestling those cute little suckers in the past seven days–I’d say I’m damn near a farmer again. I’m also much slower than I used to be.
(taken with a grainy cell phone)

(taken with a grainy cell phone)

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One response to “Worm Fans and Farming Again

  1. Kelly

    April 27, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    We will attempt to give her so much quality time with the little critters this coming weekend that she will be tired of them. We love it that she loves to “farm”!!


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