Icky Situations

21 Jul

The latest Rock Garden Tour podrocket just launched today. In case you missed it on SD Public Radio Sunday night, you can check out chunks of my conversation with Flowerman. Hot Sludge just won’t die. My apologies to overall-wearing county commissioners for blowing your cover.

sick 'mater

sick 'mater

As I peered into the tomato/pepper raised garden bed this beautiful evening, I could only think…WTF!? Any tomato doctors in the house? Never seen something like this on the end of a vine. What gives, master gardeners of the blogosphere? I need to use the force to fix this one, cause worm poop tea–the cure-all of plant cure-alls–hasn’t done the trick so far.

And finally, a question. I’m not really watching the bartblog stats like a hawk, but couldn’t help noticing a major GWB-sized dip in the ‘ol traffic the past several days. We’re talking near three-year lows on daily visits. Can’t think of any reason people would be staying away from bartblog, can you? It’s not like my last post was scary or anything… 🙂

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