Sink in Pieces and Dry ‘Maters

22 Jul


The latest malfunction in our house that is acting much older than it is as of late. No fear though, I was a plumber in another life.

After I finished stuffing envelopes tonight for the Montrose Area Foundation’s big local push (more on this later), I thought I’d show my tomato/pepper garden a little love. Couldn’t believe what I found–bone dry! Guess I got a little too accustomed to rain nearly every day, and forgot I live on a clay/gravel hilltop stripped of any topsoil. At least I could actually use the water in my rain barrels.

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One response to “Sink in Pieces and Dry ‘Maters

  1. SweetPea

    July 23, 2009 at 8:47 am

    Now that you’re actually using the water in your rain barrels, don’t forget to keep those gutters squeaky clean! I know, its a nasty dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it. Found an easier, faster, safer, and cleaner method of cleaning rain gutters from the ground! Go visit their webpage at and see how easy it is to keep those gutters free of debris so your rain barrels fill up sooner and cleaner. I enjoy using my Gutter Clutter Buster because it attaches to my shop-vac hose and vacuums out all gunk, wet or dry, packed in or loose (like roof gravel or water) with little effort from me. Rain barrels have been a blessing for our home and garden. Watering our veggie garden, roses, orchids, potted plants, cleaning out flower pots, decks, lawn & deck furniture, even washing our car and yes, “flushing our toilets.” Save, save, save!!! Blessing to you and yours and stay well and keep safe. God Bless America.


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