Road Trip to Onalaska

14 Aug

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We’re not quite in Griswald territory, but our recent trip to two weddings (OK, one was just a reception) and a family reunion was noteworthy. I won’t share all the details, but it went a little something like this…

  1. We barely got out of the gates before the Caravan began to spit and sputter. Somewhere on Highway 38 just west of Humboldt, we ran out of gas. Yes, you read that right. The most recent driver who decided against filling up when the empty tank warning light came on shall remain nameless for now. Luckily, we were able to coax our future sister in law into roadside service with a gallon of gas. On to Onalaska, WI…
  2. Roughly 172 miles from LaCrosse, WI, we had a freak accident in a construction zone involving a Sturgis-bound motorcyclist (with tattoos) and a high-flying plastic orange divider post. We lost a headlight only, for which we are still very grateful.
  3. The wedding and reception/dance were gobs of fun. Then it was on to cousin number two’s reception nearby. Great food and convo, and we hit the road for the Northwoods. Three hours later, when we stopped for gas (we do fill up occasionally before the engine stops) Jaimie realized she’d left her purse and all of our vacation cash at said wedding reception. How swell. Following some tense panicking and many many frantic phone calls, we learned everyone else heading our direction was at least  90 minutes down the road already. So, Jaim’s aunt mailed the to the post office in Park Rapids, where we were headed. Thanks Judith. We only had to beg and borrow for two more days waiting for the purse.
  4. The week at the lake was wonderful and pretty flawless. Just some lost keys, a boat that quit out on the lake, Hope falling into some quicksand, and sleeping on the floor on a leaky air mattress. The trip home was awesome.

(Despite all this big baby complaining, we really did have a blast.)


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