Meeting 1Sky for Coffee

04 Sep


Like MinusCar‘s author, I met with Zak from 1Sky today, but we hit Queen City Bakery instead of Monk’s House of Ale Repute. Same neighborhood, different time of day. If you have to have coffee instead of beer, Queen City is a dandy place. Coffee is never better than beer of course, just perhaps more appropriate at 10 in the morning. Unless it’s Saturday.

Zak is a young dude who’s setting up a South Dakota office and serving in the Green Corps as a contractor to 1Sky. Green Corps trains environmental community organizers and places them around the country to work on different environmental issues. They celebrated 15 years of work last year.

This 1Sky thing is good stuff. Good enough that I apparently signed up to be a “climate precinct captain” when I first heard about it almost two years ago. Zak came collecting on my forgotten promise. 🙂 The goal: help folks recognize we all share the one and only sky (not so tough) and that right now is the the best (and maybe only) time for our nation to step forward together to enact new laws to curb climate change.

I like Zak. We had a great convo about the green energy and political landscape here in the Mt. Rushmore state–I wish he could stay here on the prairie for longer than a few months. I also admire the way 1sky is organized and operating. I hope you’ll sign up to help or tell your senator how important climate change legislation is to our grandchildren. You can join up on Facebook or at

Tell Zak ‘howdy’ if you run into him out there.

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