Falling Apples

13 Sep

Mom and Dad have 2 gazillion apples hanging on two trees in their yard. There were even more, but Dad and the girls rescued the trees from broken branches by catching a whole bunch in sheets on the ground a couple weekends ago. They were so loaded down, a couple of good shakes took care of the problem. Everybody knows that’s not how you harvest apples. But sometimes it is. Just ask Newton.

There is dispute in the family about which tree makes tastier apples, but I’m sure I’m right about the reddish ones. If you want some, it’s a pick-your-own free for all. Dad might even let you use his ladder.

Tonight I finally got around to making some applesauce with the last bag full the kids came home with. We used the fancy shmancy apple peeler Santa brought for Jaimie last year. It slices. It cores. It peels. And it makes the kitchen floor very very sticky. But, it works awesome and it’s fun.

apple peeler in action apple peels in a bucket cooking applesauce finished applesauce

Jaim whipped up some apple crisp too, as you can see in the last pic. Now, what to do with those neatly cut peelings…It’s a good excuse to give you a worm update. I’ve been skimping a bit on the feeding the past week, sending most kitchen scraps to the compost bin outside instead of wormtown. It’s time to harvest the worm poop, so I’m using a trick from Uncle Carl: let them totally clean up the top layer, then only feed them on one small end of the bin for a week so they all congregate in one spot. That way, when I’m sifting through that rich compost by hand, the worms will be easy to pick out. I just tossed this watermelon in yesterday, and they’re hammering it.

compost worms and watermelon

Speaking of apples, last weekend we headed on a road trip for Jon’s bachelor party. Along the way, we stopped by cousin David’s place to check out his newly-built apple cannon. It launches pretty much anything roughly baseball-sized with alarming power. Even baseballs. Trust me.

apple cannon

If you shop at Hy-Vee in Brookings, you might want to throw a bike helmet on in the parking lot. Just saying.

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One response to “Falling Apples

  1. Rani

    September 14, 2009 at 6:00 am

    boil up a handful of peels with equal parts water and brown sugar, add cinnmamon = yummy apple cinnamon syrup for pancakes…I don’t have worms, but I don’t like to waste things either 🙂


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