Trust your treasure house

25 Sep

Every hear about something really cool that someone is doing, or a story of  need that tugs at your heart, and ask “How can I help?” I do it a lot, and hear it from a lot of people. No Impact Man posted this today, from a book called Dropping Ashes on the Buddha by Zen Master Seung Sahn:

When Dae Ju first came to Zen Master Ma-jo, the master asked, “What do you want from me?”

Dae Ju said, “I want you to teach me the Dharma [the Truth].”

“What a fool you are!” said Ma-jo. “You have the greatest treasure in the world within you, and yet you go around asking other people for help. What good is this? I have nothing to give you.”

Dae Ju bowed and said, “Please, Master, tell me what this treasure is.”

Ma-jo said, “Where is your question coming from? This is your treasure. It is precisely what is making you ask this question at this very moment. Everything is stored in this precious treasure-house of yours. It is there at your disposal, you can use it as you wish, nothing is lacking. You are the master of everything. Why, then, are you running away from yourself and seeking for things outside?”

My  problem/dilemma? The treasure house in me seems to want to help with everything I hear about. How do I find the discipline to say ‘yes’ only to things I am able to do now and do well? There’s that “how can I?..” again. What is it that wants to be born through you?

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