Slate Tiles and Pink Paint

06 Dec

Lots of pink.

That’s how I’d describe our progress in the basement. Just look around, it’s pretty obvious who picked the wall colors in the bedrooms. It’s also obvious we’re partial to continuing the slate tile theme, bringing it in from the lower level patio. I’m in the midst of tiling bliss this weekend, hoping to wrap up the slate fireplace surround, and grout the tile floors too.

Next up will be installing the railing, trim boards and doors. Then, paint touch ups, some plumbing and electrical odds and ends, followed finally by some carpet made of recycled pop bottles.  It all started one Thursday a long while back when Eric called.

“Are you going to finish your basement?”

“Yes, eventually, I guess,” I said.

“Why don’t we frame it this weekend?”

“This weekend!?”

“Yup. Buy some lumber.”

We measured the walls, I bought some 2×4’s, and we built all the walls in one Saturday. I use the term “we” pretty loosely here. I held a board here and there, and fetched the beer. And so it began. Then, with our news of Baby 4, we put it into warp drive–shooting for a Christmas completion. We might make it, almost.

Here’s a pictorial progression so far:

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One response to “Slate Tiles and Pink Paint

  1. Kelly

    December 6, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    Looking good! Even more progress since I was there yesterday…


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