Live from Copenhagen

17 Dec

I skipped lunch today so I could talk on Skype to my pal Jamie Horter, who is in Copenhagen at the UN Climate Talks.  She told me about spending her day in the ‘Bat Cave’ (a cold room literally under a pond in Copenhagen), and living in the Matrix the past two weeks. I heard the real story about demonstrations (100,000+ peaceful demonstrators, about 20 knuckleheads), about the tricks big countries are playing to make decisions when poor developing country leaders are out of the room, and how capitalism is much more important than survival in the Bella Center.

Jamie also told me about the Kenyan people she’s been working with about the suffering happening right now in their country, and the tear-jerker talk the President of the tiny island country of The Maldives gave today (his entire country will soon be under water)… People are dying. Right now. And we keep pumping more and more climate changing gases into the air with abandon.

And so I pass on lunch. Will it matter?

Hopelessness is creeping in. Can we really save ourselves from ourselves? I need a shot of Hopenhagen.

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Posted by on December 17, 2009 in activism, global warming, rants


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