SDPB is Stupid Proof

02 Mar

We’re too smart. By we, I mean the listeners and friends of public broadcasting here in South Dakota. We know the difference between prioritizing spending and cutting into the principle. We know killing SDPB is killing a golden goose of learning and culture. By we, I mean you.

Something happens to some good, rational South Dakota people when they become Legislators. Many stay good, rational people. Wise, even. Some of them seem to check their thinkers at the Capitol door (sad case in point). Then come ideas that are just crazy–like cutting funding of the best-working education system in our state.

SDPB is on the chopping block. Right now. You and I can do something easy to stop it. Just tell your legislators it’s a very bad idea. Do it right now. OK, after Uncle Jimo signs off for the night…

UPDATE 3/3/2010:

Representative Tim Rave just emailed me. He doesn’t think any SDPB funding will be cut. Thanks Tim. Keep contacting your Legislators though, just to be sure…

LATEST UPDATE (3/3/2010 afternoon):

It’s back on. Kick it into high gear, SDPB fans. The threat is real, and big.

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