Big Wiggly Week

13 Mar

In the past couple weeks the worms went big time. I mean huge. Shaq O’Neal huge.

Last week I sat down with Flowerman from Rock Garden Tour to talk compost. And I brought him some worms for the studio audience. He did a whole show on our interview, and starring the new RGT red wigglers. It’ll be on SD Public Radio eventually, I think (thought i would be this week, but looks like it’s a re-run coming up tomorrow night).  At any rate, it’s always good time to chat with Ted, and the worm nation spread it’s wings again.

They were going hollywood again this Thursday, starring in a SF Green Project “compost and rain barrels” workshop I taught with a couple of friends. We talked the beauties of gardeners’ gold and red wigglers with 20 eager students, and then helped them build their own take-home rain barrels. I sent a wiggler starter package home with three people. I’ll be repeating the compost portion of the class with Aimee Ladonski at the Sioux Falls Lawn and Garden Show next weekend.

What do they get in celebration? Back in the garage after a nice long winter in the warm(er) basement.

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