To Coffee, with Love

15 Mar

Coffee, It’s been wonderful. But I quit you.

For real this time.

My last indulgence this morning: this hazelnut latte from the kings of coffee education in these parts, Coffea. Even came with some candied hazelnuts on the side (which were surprisingly disappointing). I’m often a black coffee kind of guy, but hey–this is it. In hindsight, I couda/shoulda hit the dark roast of the day at rugged Black Sheep. Or settled into the couch at Michelle’s, or the big bench at Queen City Bakery with a cup and a mushroom quiche. These are a few of my favorite things.

I’ve been down this road before. Once upon a time in a little town somewhere on the road, after another in a line of sleepless nights, I quit caffeine cold turkey. It worked for nearly three years. Herbal tea with honey, or just hot water with honey, became my satisfying substitute. I’ve never really been a pop guy anyway, so that was no big deal.

I was actually really happy with the decision. I started sleeping better right away, and lost the jitters that are part of the deal for me (the whole stress+caffeine mix stinks). So I guess this comes at a time when stress is high at work, and I’ve been hammering the java pretty hard. Truthfully, I’m hooked more than ever–a serious addict. Tomorrow will surely bring headaches. And so will the next days…

So long old friend.

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