Torture Inside

30 May

I had been bragging. Bragging about the mystical powers of the raw local honey my sister was feeding me. That my allergies, a plague for me since childhood, had become nothing but a little nuisance except for a couple temporary flare ups.

Then Friday came. Out of nowhere, the poisonous pollen hit me like Mike Tyson. And it got worse. So worse that I’ve been confined to the indoors all weekend. Can’t even step out for a few minutes without paying for it for a couple hours. Anyone else experiencing this sudden onslaught?

It’s killing me. On a beautiful weekend, with a lot of yard work to be done and trails to be hiked, I’m in prison. Suckage. There is really nothing I’d rather be doing than something outdoors. I got some extra drugs today, with no positive result. I guess it’s just more torture inside tomorrow, saving up my long shot chance that I’ll be able to tolerate the camping I promised Hope tomorrow night.

Enough whining already… Letting go now. Accepting what is. Kind of.

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Posted by on May 30, 2010 in rants


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