Dragonflies on a Flooded Dirt Road

11 Jul

A fortunate wrong turn on my way home from Madison last week brought me to this. I didn’t try crossing it, but did sit a while on this thin strip of gravel that seemed like a firm raft in the center of two sloughs becoming one.

Really enjoyed the thousands of busy soul-blue dragonflies. Always been fascinated by them, and can watch them for long stretches. They just seem to amaze me by defying gravity. Like they’re from the Cosmos Mystery Area.

It reminded me of a verse I wrote a couple years ago while sitting in a field watching a few of those magic little guys with wonder.

Here’s a short video I shot on the flooded dirt road. I found it a nice little meditation. Plug in some earbuds, turn the sound up, and watch the video as big as you can with good resolution. Put everything out of your mind, let it rest. Relax your whole body, then feel all of your body with your mind… Give it a go. Become the peace in the soft summer breeze. It’ll only take half a minute.

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Posted by on July 11, 2010 in nature, video



One response to “Dragonflies on a Flooded Dirt Road

  1. Kelly

    July 12, 2010 at 11:32 am

    Nice retreat – thanks!


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