Mean Tricks

31 Jul

I’ve uncovered sinister plots against humanity this weekend. I’m pretty sure this is big.

Pencils and Erasers

Jaim is taking the girls school supply shopping today, so I was poking around for the official school supply list. And thought I found a neat, helpful site. But, these guys are impostors. Steer clear of They fooled me into thinking I was getting my kids’ lists, but instead it’s a generic list they’ve put together, trying to get us to see the ads on their site and give up our email addresses.

Then, thought I found the real deal on Mr. Kueter’s home page, but downloaded the 2009-2010 list instead without realizing it. We eventually found the bona-fide 2010-2011 list in the paper we don’t read anymore. Then, spent mucho deniro filling those backpacks with more stuff than I have in my office.


So the Vermillion River valley, in which our little town sits, has lots of water rushing through it these days. This flood has people worrying like it’s 1993. Our household is really lucky, sitting on top of a hill and all, but some folks are pumping river and sewer water from their basements full time. What’s the trick in this? Well, it’s not the flood. That river’s designed by Mother Nature to flood sometimes; all rivers are. We humans just forget sometimes, and decide to build towns and cities in silly spots.

No, the sweaty trick here is on me. I hit the yard early this morning, to beat the heat. No dice. It got hot and muggy pretty early, and I was dripping with sweat and covered in dirt. That’s not a bad thing at all, unless you discover that there’s a ban on showers and other sewer-filling activities in your little town until the water recedes. Jaim went for a nice ong, sweaty run this morning too… Also a “boiling order,” so don’t cook or drink the stuff til it’s bubbled for a minute. We’re heading to Mom and Dad’s for showers.

Plastic Rip Off

This one really is big. I outlawed single-use plastic bottles (water, pop, what have you) in our house a few years ago. Please stop buying them. You’re being tricked into paying 4000 times more than you should for your water.

“We’re trashing the planet. Trashing each other. And we’re not even having fun.”
–Annie Leonard

Annie made the famed “Story of Stuff” a few years back. This is a similar approach to telling another uber important story.

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