How Wise Are You? (stupid money, brain un-drain, school factories, and coco)

22 Sep


Dave Ramsey usually answers people’s questions about life and money. And sometimes he goes off on a rant of some sort, sharing a valuable sermon from his radio pulpit. One particular rant I listened to on his podcast while doing the dishes the other day has been sticking with me. He was talking about wisdom with money, but the concept applies in all sorts of ways to living this life.

His premise was this: being wise is eliminating the knowing and doing gap. See, when you’re wise, that means you know the right thing, and you do the right thing. You can be educated and still do stupid, just like you can do dumb things with good intentions if you’re uneducated about something. So, the chart looks something like this:

So being wise is learning so you know, and practicing what you do. When you do stupid things, usually it’s not about ignorance. It’s about that knowing and doing gap. I know hunching over a computer all day will give me a sore neck, and that burning more oil to drive my lazy butt around will contribute to climate change, and that borrowing money will cripple my freedom. But I do those things anyway. That lands me at unwise. Unwise is stupid, but boy do I practice it well.

The wonderful in it is we get to choose to be stupid. Or wise. If you feel guilty or foolish, you can change your behavior.

So many of us choose stupid too much of the time.

(Find Dave’s radio show in Sioux Falls on 1140 KSOO, or listen on his website. He inspired us to quit being so stupid with money.)


Courtney Lowell Cowgill, a Montana farmer, is mega-wise. She writes about how she finally realized going back home to the farm doesn’t mean going backward. I just love to hear about flipping the brain drain funnel around. You should really read her story. (I think I know someone else who vowed to never marry a farmer, then did. Love you sis.)


Ken Robinson is a witty Brit. Come to think of it, every Brit I know is witty. That’s not really very fair, is it? Anyway, Sir Robinson is also a genius about how our schools (yes–OUR schools) are killing creativity each and every day. Please watch the video. It will probably make you laugh, sulk, and hope.

And if you want to read some terribly wise stuff about the mess that is schools and creativity, I’ll be happy to give you a copy of Seth Godin‘s new book “Linchpin.” Just a bit of it is about that bummer stuff–most of it is about how you can change the world. Yes you. Just holler if you want the book (but you must be first–I have one extra copy Seth asked me to give to you).

Oh, and Seth cranked out wisest, and most simple, blog post ever this week on why questions are more powerful than answers.


Team Coco thinks you-know-who is wise. I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t mind swapping severance checks with him these days.

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