Don’t Stay Home

01 Nov

Whomever you’re rooting for in the election, the other side wants you to stay home. Read what Seth, the smartest marketing guy in all the land, has to say today.  All those negative ads we’re all so sick of seeing and hearing, they are each designed to keep the other candidate or idea out of the election. I think most of them are also b.s., but that’s not the point.

You are not the robot Glenn Beck or Keith Olberman (or Kristi Noem) want you to be. You are smarter than that. Don’t pick a side, pick people and ideas. And whatever you do, don’t stay home tomorrow. Vote.

If you live in South Dakota, this link will help you find your polling place and show you a sample of the actual ballot you will use to vote, including the Attorney General’s explanation of Measures and Amendments.

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Posted by on November 1, 2010 in politics


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