16 Dec

Sometimes sticking things out that aren’t working is brave. Pushing through and getting it done even when it’s stacked against you can make you a hero.

And sometimes it’s stupid. Your ego gets in the way and tells you you can’t fail, or you can’t let someone down. It would make you look bad, which must be worse than doing a crappy job because it has lost it’s high priority shine.

So, even though society tells us to never quit, sometimes quitting is the smartest thing to do.

I’ve been quitting a few things lately. Mostly volunteer things that I haven’t been doing very well, but didn’t quit sooner because I felt I’d be letting my community down. I was basically a coward instead of honest. My discipline of saying “no” stunk. And now those things are better off without me clinging on but not following through. And I’m better too.

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Posted by on December 16, 2010 in activism


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