Don’t Fake It

20 Dec
real vs. fake christmas tree debate

photo from

I was recently interviewed (again) by my pal Flowerman on the world’s greatest rock gardening radio show.  It’s a special holiday season for me this year, even though my amazing wife has come close to accusing me of being a scrooge. This year I have the honor of being featured in the magical 100th episode of Rock Garden Tour to talk about Nancy’s trashy christmas tree in my living room and fish mating in the family stock dam. It’s a real vs. fake conversation.

You can listen for yourself to the interview full of some tips and tricks for loving Earth and your christmas tree on RGT 100: That Creep Can Ho Ho Ho Man (listen to the whole show on SDPB). You can also learn a bunch about the great real vs. fake christmas tree debate by clicking on the photo above or visiting Green Your Decor.

(And just to straiten things out, Flowerman was not announcing my new religion. Key to the Cow God Admirer reference: from a bartblog back file.)

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Posted by on December 20, 2010 in garden, going green, music


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