Losing My Worm Card

06 Apr

Maybe I should just turn in my Vermicomposter liscense. The Red Wiggler gods do not look upon me with favor this day. Again.

Here’s what I just emailed off to Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm, recent replenisher of my compost bin workers:

Dear Uncle Jim, I received a bag full of red wigglers from you last week, with much joy. After a little mishap I’m not proud of (see, I lost all of my worms this past Fall. So, starting again was an exciting time for my daughter and me. But something strange happened to the worms after I placed them into the fresh worm bed boxes I had prepared carefully for them. They all bailed! Pretty sure I had the moisture and the mix in good shape, and the temp was cool, but not cold. Just now I found all but maybe a dozen dried up and goners in my worm tea catcher and around the bench and floor of my garage where they sat.
Any ideas? Thanks.
Bummed in South Dakota

Need to get this all back in balance fast–my kitchen pail is getting pretty full.

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Posted by on April 6, 2011 in compost, rants, worms


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