A Politician is Born (maybe)

We don’t know yet if she’ll grow up to be a stateswoman, but Hope wowed the South Dakota Democratic Party last night at McGovern Day. Thank you to Scott Heidepreim and Marly Prunty for being gracious and inspiring hosts to Hope, and to Senator McGovern for making such an impact in our young daughter’s life. We are so proud of you Hope.


Hope as Senator McGovern at the Montrose 4th Grade Wax Museum:

Hope as George McGovern


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Ambatana Threads Party

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Here’s our girls showing off their Ambanata Threads aprons. Ambatana Threads is a cool little company that makes cute things. Aprons, skirts, handbags, and lots of other stuff like that that ladies and little girls like (you can buy some here). It was started by my old neighbor Steph Shumaker to help refugee women in Salt Lake City raise awareness and create jobs for themselves. Pretty cool.

Steph is home for the weekend, and she’s coming over to our house tomorrow afternoon for an Ambanata Threads party. She’ll tell the story of her refugee friends/employees and show off some of those threads at 1:30pm. Jaimie is cooking up some goodies, and we hope you’ll come hear Steph’s story. Just give us a call to let us know how many eclairs we need to make. Or RSVP on Facebook here. 

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Shine a Light on the Situation

Lego Spotlight by Nathan Wells on Flickr

Spotlight by Nathan Wells on Flickr

The response from Uncle Jims Worm Farm:

“Hi Joseph, Place a light source above the container. The worms will be a little tenacious after the transit, and may try to explore the area. If you place a light source above their container, that will force them to stay put inside of the bedding material. Thanks, Jim”

Will this work to keep my kids in their beds at night too?

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Hello Springtime


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Losing My Worm Card

Maybe I should just turn in my Vermicomposter liscense. The Red Wiggler gods do not look upon me with favor this day. Again.

Here’s what I just emailed off to Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm, recent replenisher of my compost bin workers:

Dear Uncle Jim, I received a bag full of red wigglers from you last week, with much joy. After a little mishap I’m not proud of (see, I lost all of my worms this past Fall. So, starting again was an exciting time for my daughter and me. But something strange happened to the worms after I placed them into the fresh worm bed boxes I had prepared carefully for them. They all bailed! Pretty sure I had the moisture and the mix in good shape, and the temp was cool, but not cold. Just now I found all but maybe a dozen dried up and goners in my worm tea catcher and around the bench and floor of my garage where they sat.
Any ideas? Thanks.
Bummed in South Dakota

Need to get this all back in balance fast–my kitchen pail is getting pretty full.

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Choose My Sister

My little sister Sarah is waiting so beautifully. She and Jason, her hubby, are waiting to adopt one lucky little baby someday soon, and have already been loving that baby for a very long time.

So I made this video to try to help. It will be part of their webpage through the adoption service they are working with. Please help spread the word. I can’t imagine a more loving mother or a better home for that baby who will someday be my niece or nephew. If you know someone considering offering a baby for adoption, please share this link with them:


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Water for My Birthday and the Truth About Legacy

I turn 34 years old on Tuesday. Normally my birthday is no big deal, but this year, in honor of Rod Arnod‘s talk at OTA Sessions, I’m giving up my birthday in an effort to give clean drinking water to 34 people. Can you give $34 to charity:water for my birthday? Come on, help me hit my goal of $680!

Just click here to give, and to see all kinds of details about where your donation will go:


The story of charity: water

I spent the day Friday at a remarkable conference called The OTA Sessions, put on by my friend Hugh Weber. Lindsey and I had fun helping 24 OTA-goers to turn a passionate idea they showed up with into a real project to launch. Also met all kinds of new friends from across the OTA states and the country. Just so happy to have had the opportunity to plug in the way we did. Thanks Hugh!

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One of the awesome speakers was Rod Arnold, a Watertown, South Dakota native who is the COO for charity:water in NYC. (The great news is Rod announced he and his family are moving back home to South Dakota soon!) He told and showed us in vivid pictures and video about the 1 billion people who drink dirty water because that’s all they’ve got. We’re talking muddy, bacteria and feces filled stuff here.

Even more powerfully though, Rod told us the tear-jerking, inspirational story of his two brothers Ryan and Chad. Chad needed a new liver, fast. And Ryan selflessly offered to donate 60% of his healthy liver to his brother. While at their family cabin in the Black Hills, Ryan and Chad got word that Ryan was a match, and they scheduled the surgery. Here is their story, as told by a Denver news channel:

Rod emotionally shared with us Friday many of the life lessons his brother Ryan gave to him. The most powerful of those for me: a legacy is not something you leave, it’s something you live. Thanks, Rod, for the best closing talk we could have asked for. And welcome home.


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