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Choose My Sister

My little sister Sarah is waiting so beautifully. She and Jason, her hubby, are waiting to adopt one lucky little baby someday soon, and have already been loving that baby for a very long time.

So I made this video to try to help. It will be part of their webpage through the adoption service they are working with. Please help spread the word. I can’t imagine a more loving mother or a better home for that baby who will someday be my niece or nephew. If you know someone considering offering a baby for adoption, please share this link with them:


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Look Who’s Walking Now

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Oodles of Pics to Get Your Fix

Time for a family catch up in photos.

Haven’t been blogging much because we’ve gained an addiction to canning. Hold on tight to any fruits and veggies you want to keep if I’m around these days.

We’ve been celebrating Grandpa and Grandma Wicks’ 60th Wedding Anniversary, starting school (Zoey is a Kindergartner!), taking long walks around our village, and parading around town for homecoming (our three girls represented the dinosaur age, the dirty thirties and the hair band eighties)… Click ’em to make them bigger.

We’re also sneaking in as many September evenings as we can at the park at the lake before it’s too cold… Read the rest of this entry »


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The Latest

Since you asked.

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Kiera Movie

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Photo Shoot with Grandma Kelly


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Yes, we have more photos

Lots more on Flickr.


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