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Water for My Birthday and the Truth About Legacy

I turn 34 years old on Tuesday. Normally my birthday is no big deal, but this year, in honor of Rod Arnod‘s talk at OTA Sessions, I’m giving up my birthday in an effort to give clean drinking water to 34 people. Can you give $34 to charity:water for my birthday? Come on, help me hit my goal of $680!

Just click here to give, and to see all kinds of details about where your donation will go:


The story of charity: water

I spent the day Friday at a remarkable conference called The OTA Sessions, put on by my friend Hugh Weber. Lindsey and I had fun helping 24 OTA-goers to turn a passionate idea they showed up with into a real project to launch. Also met all kinds of new friends from across the OTA states and the country. Just so happy to have had the opportunity to plug in the way we did. Thanks Hugh!

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One of the awesome speakers was Rod Arnold, a Watertown, South Dakota native who is the COO for charity:water in NYC. (The great news is Rod announced he and his family are moving back home to South Dakota soon!) He told and showed us in vivid pictures and video about the 1 billion people who drink dirty water because that’s all they’ve got. We’re talking muddy, bacteria and feces filled stuff here.

Even more powerfully though, Rod told us the tear-jerking, inspirational story of his two brothers Ryan and Chad. Chad needed a new liver, fast. And Ryan selflessly offered to donate 60% of his healthy liver to his brother. While at their family cabin in the Black Hills, Ryan and Chad got word that Ryan was a match, and they scheduled the surgery. Here is their story, as told by a Denver news channel:

Rod emotionally shared with us Friday many of the life lessons his brother Ryan gave to him. The most powerful of those for me: a legacy is not something you leave, it’s something you live. Thanks, Rod, for the best closing talk we could have asked for. And welcome home.


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Sweet Six

Happy Birthday baby doll.

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Big Blue Bike

We tricked her.

We’ve been bike shopping for Hope’s birthday the past month. I opted for one at the local bike shop with a better warranty and service, but Hope picked a Trek at the big box sports store. She really loved this one, and had her heart set on it. It was the last one in the store, so Jaim put it on hold for a day while we “decided.”

The next day when I got home from work, I broke the news to Hope that they didn’t have the bike at Scheel’s anymore. It was true, since the bike was now hidden in our garage.

A few more pics from the first 9th birthday party in our family. (This was Clevelands only, since Grandpa and Grandma B. are visiting the new twins in Colorado.)

Hope's new blue bike

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Three Big Girls Now

Notice anything particularly sparkly about Zoey today? Just got this photo sent to me with the message “You have three big girls now.”  Girls get earrings on their fifth birthday at our house…

Stay tuned for some pics from the big birthday bash this past weekend. And, perhaps, other news about our family from the past few months–just for Jenna. 😉


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Happy Happy Birthday


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Part 3: Live From Little Sand Lake

OK, so it was more than a week ago, but who’s counting?

The final recap in this series is mostly some pictures (there are many many more on our Flickr page). It was hiking (on trails and in the baby Mississippi), beaching it, reading, relaxing on the lake, swimming in frigid water, slip n slide, hot tubbing (with goggles), camp firing, birthday partying, and lots and lots of eating. Genuinely good stuff.

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Happy Auntie

Love you Nancy. Happy 50!

happy birthday nancy
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