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Stick to the Science, Save the Future of Humanity

It’s really that important. See this graph from Bill McKibben at The talks in Copenhagen right now are settling. Leaders of big countries are throwing their weight around in the name of economics and politics, settling on agreements that will mean catastrophic consequences for people, and all species, all over the world in the next 90 years. This is not something that our great grandchildren will need to worry about–it’s something people in poor parts of this world are suffering from right now. And it will get much, much worse. Bill, the most level-headed, science-based, smart climate activist I’ve followed, calls it “devastating.”

So, click here to call your leaders at the Copenhagen climate conference. Just ask them to stick to the science, not the bullshit.

And, if you feel like doing something unusual to show your support for the millions of poor people who are or will be starving due to climate change, join thousands of others around the world in a day of fasting on Thursday. Whatever fasting means to you. To me, it’ll mean eating nothing for a day, just to remind myself how what I do each day effects people on the other side of this beautiful planet.

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