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Ninja Gardening in the Rough Part of the City

Some friends of mine enjoyed breaking the law with squash in downtown Sioux Falls a while back. But turns out it wasn’t squash at all.

Even if you don’t dream of the unbridled freedom breathed each day in the life of a full fledged guerilla gardener (like I do), you must watch the wisdom in this short video. Then you can see what happens when cucumbers masquerade as summer squash, in this 12seconds video from today.

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Sink in Pieces and Dry ‘Maters


The latest malfunction in our house that is acting much older than it is as of late. No fear though, I was a plumber in another life.

After I finished stuffing envelopes tonight for the Montrose Area Foundation’s big local push (more on this later), I thought I’d show my tomato/pepper garden a little love. Couldn’t believe what I found–bone dry! Guess I got a little too accustomed to rain nearly every day, and forgot I live on a clay/gravel hilltop stripped of any topsoil. At least I could actually use the water in my rain barrels.

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Community Gardening

The Montrose Community Garden is different than most. No plots you can rent. Just a group of volunteers who plant and nurture veggies out there, and harvest them every early Saturday morning to share with the whole village. Donations are accepted, but not expected.

This past weekend, the bounty was beets, carrots, onions, monster cabbage and zucchini. All wonderful. We were too late to grab some carrots, but Uncle Ray invited me to come down any evening and dig a few up. I think I will, but it’ll be more about digging stuff up with Ray than about wanting carrots.

Because of all the beets, there were a whole lot of greens piling up around the garden market on Main Street. The community gardeners sent all the “waste” home with me to turn into compost. It took two trips, and I found about a dozen beets in the bottom of one container that were missed (I brought them back uptown).

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Rock Garden Tour Blows Up

Straw hats off to the dudes of Rock Garden Tour. The best radio show on the prairie just went global. Well, statewide anyway. Flowerman, Oil Can and the RGT Family Band made the leap from small college radio to South Dakota Public Broadcasting. Boom!

What?! You don’t know how to turnip your radio? Rock Garden Tour is this fun little program and podcast celebrating some of creations’ greatest achievements: rock n roll, rural life and gardening. The podcast is great, the live show is better. Now you can catch it on SDPB Radio Sunday nights at 10, or download the podcast.

The Rock Garden Tour interview at Michelle's Coffee

The Rock Garden Tour interview at Michelle's Coffee

Now that’s a big accomplishment for RGT. But there’s something even bigger: Flowerman just wrapped up an exclusive interview with me about my big trip to the sewage treatment plant yesterday. We talked about the guy who operates the Hot Sludge lake boat, and bib overalls. You’ll have to tune into the show to check it out.

Update: Poo Lake made the cut.

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Building Rain Barrels

I finally (almost) wrapped up the steel ice cream barrell conversion project on Saturday–with lots of help from Uncle Duane and his tools.

I bought two steel barrels from a neighbor for $7.50 each. They used to be full of soft serve ice cream mix (I got them with just an inch or so of the sugary goo left in the bottom). Hope and I washed them out, and then we were ready to turn them into two more rain barrels to catch water for the gardens all summer. I bought the following parts for a little over $18:

  • two chimney pipe flutes
  • some wire mesh
  • a couple water spickets
  • two fittings for those spickets
  • some hose and clamps.

But, that was about three weeks ago….Despite me leaving my barrels and parts in the way at the farm that whole time, Duane helped me in his usual MacGuyver-with-a-welder kind of way.

Here’s a pictorial step-by-step:

All that’s left is to set these puppies up on some blocks and hook them to the rain spouts (including overflow hoses back into the spouts. And then let my talented wife paint them pretty…

Two steel rain barrels: $33.67 total

You can get some detailed do-it-yourself rain barrel instructions here or here. Or, if DIY is not your thing, you can buy a local, recycled rain barrell ready to hook to your downspout from my friend Jake at Sunny Day Rain Barrels.

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