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Home Made Halloween

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Thank heavens for my wonderful, creative girls and a great week of creating some pretty unique costumes!

The girls picked out their own costume ideas on-line and from there we started looking for items in our home to create their masterpiece (along with a little help from Grandma Cleveland’s craft room).  My intention was to have all homemade costumes, until I ran across Kiera’s on sale for $8.50 and couldn’t resist.   I wish you could have seen the excitement in the girls’ eyes as we put the finishing touches on .  It’s not to say we haven’t been asked what they are, but it doesn’t seem to bother them.  Pretty sure they all think they are Rock Stars (as Mesa would put it) for having a hand in picking out, designing and creating their own costumes.

A very special thanks to Pam at The Portrait Place in Howard, SD.  Our favorite pro photographer!

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Worms, Witches and Wreckage

IMG_0910 IMG_0920 IMG_0921

We missed the Harvest Moon, but his weekend was worm harvest time. (It was actually well overdue, but who’s counting.) That means Zoey and I sorted the worms from the worm poo, then mixed up some new bedding to tuck those red wigglers in for the winter. We also expanded, adding another worm house, which makes it three total now. It’s really hard to separate the teeny tiny babies from the good stuff, so I’m letting it sit in a tub for several weeks, hoping those tiny worms get bigger and I’ll be able to pull them out of there.

Here’s the new bedding recipe, since I know you were dying to get your hands on it:

  • 1/3 peat moss
  • 1/3 soil (with some organic matter in it)
  • 1/3 shredded brown leaves
  • enough water to make it most and a bit sticky

I replaced shredded newspaper (an Uncle Carl trick) with the leaves, thanks to a tip from a worm-lover I met in St. Paul in April. It keeps the bedding more airy, and breaks down to give ’em some extra snacking. I bought myself a little toy last week–a leaf vac and mulcher. Jon and Nicole got some help bagging their 10 million leaves this weekend…

In case you missed it, Halloween was Saturday. Trick or treating started for us at about 5pm, and wrapped up around 8:30. That’s crazy long, but when you go trick or treating in the country, stuff takes a while. We had a witch, a fairy princess, and a box of popcorn heading out of our house this year. All costumes made from stuff we already had, except a bit of face paint. (Not pictured: me after Zoey painted my face last night.)

IMG_0898 IMG_0892 IMG_0891

And finally, we’re in the midst of a construction project. With baby on the way, it’s time to finish up the basement and add a couple bedrooms. Thanks to help from Brooks and Dad, I have it ready for sheetrock on Wednesday. One step this weekend was tearing out the temporary wall at the bottom of the stairs (we reused everything but the sheetrock). After I smacked a little hole in the wall just to startle Colleen, the girls’ eyes all got huge and a chorus of “Can we try that!?” cam soon after. So, take a look at this video to see the demolition crew in action.


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Short names and pumpkin art

From Mrs. Edwards, the (fabulous) first grade teacher:

“Do you know why Mesa would have started signing her name ‘Mesa Bart?’ “

And, some jack-o carving in the kitchen Monday night. See more of the process on our Flickr site.


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Swashbucklin’ Fun

Thanks to Jeremy and Elizabeth for a fun party last night. The Salty Sea Dog murder mystery is solved.

  • Jason got knocked off, as Merciless Morgan
  • Nick did the deed as Sealess Sam
  • Jeremy Bart won best costume as Captain Redbeard

And, just for those keeping score on the Jason Over-Under last night: the winning time was 2:27am. Over won it by a mile.

(See more pics on Amberic Blog)

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