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A Christmas Letter

The Bartmann Christmas Card 2008

The Bartmann Christmas Card 2008

Four Ladies and a Daddy

by Jaimie

Merry Christmas from the Bartmanns!..

Our sensitive, full-of-love caregiver and mother hen.
She has my personality and Joe’s passion to learn.
Currently in 2nd grade~ reading, writing and first confession.
An author, an artist and boy magnet too.

The gatherer, leader and center of fun.
She has my spunk and Joe’s carefree attitude to be who she is.
Kindergarten is how Mesa spends her days.
Dancing, mischief, directing and a heart of gold.
Creative, bling and glamor, a little loud and God’s gift of laughter.

Our compassionate, determined, curly ball of love.
An almost-vegetarian, kisses, hugs and farmer girl.
Zoey has my tendency to follow and Joe’s ability to perform with confidence.
Much of Zoey’s time is spent at preschool~ coloring, art projects, programs and learning.
Singing, performing, dancing and more, the entertainer of the house.

Works for the Green Project in Sioux Falls and Rural Learning Center in Howard.
Changing the world one task at a time.
A man of many talents and passion to do what he loves and give back to the community like he learned from Grandpa Knox.
Spiritual, hikes and nature galore it’s what keeps him energized.

10 years of Human Resources and 7 ½ of being a mom.
No job more important nor passion of mine deeper than teaching my girls to live a life full of love and love in their life.
My calling in life~ no question……FAMILY.

I am so blessed to have the family I do and hope this letter finds each of you a moment to reflect on the important people in life.

Merry Christmas from the Bartmanns!

Our 2008 in Photos


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Meeting T

So here’s the pictoral history of finally getting to know our new nephew/cousin Torin earlier this week. It’s been great having Paul, Carrie and the little man around. Torin pretty much hates me, but he loves Jaim and the girls.

We’ll miss you!

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It Happened Today

Though I hoped it never would, I figured this day would come eventually.

I’m heading to Pierre this afternoon for a two-day conference. I’ll be home for supper tomorrow. So when I dropped the girls off at school ten minutes ago, I asked for big hugs and kisses since I won’t be home tonight. As usual, I got kisses and squeezes from Zoey, and a couple long (kind of tearful) hugs from Mesa.

Hope, on the other hand, jumped out of the car. “Wait Hope! I need a hug,” I stopped her. “No Dad!” she whispered as she spun her head around to the playground behind her to see who might be watching.

A quick, quiet “I love you” and a smile as she ran inside will have to be enough for me today.

I love you to the stars girls. (Or, as Zoey aften says, “I love you from South Dakota to Colorado.” It’s the biggest trip she’s ever made.)

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Take a Time Out

I was reading an article tonight on a site that’s new to me. The Natural Child Project has an article on giving your kids time out. The article (The Case Against Time Out by Peter Haiman, Ph.D.) says it’s a bad idea, for several reasons. We’ve been throwing time outs around here for a while–I think it all started by watching an episode of that super nanny show where she suggested time out in a separate room (the laundry room is a prison here). I have to admit time outs don’t seem to do the trick, which is why I was researching the topic. If the doc is right, maybe all those time outs I spent as a kid with my nose in the corner (and if the crime was really serious, my hands in the air above my head) explain why I’m a little screwy. 🙂

I think I’m convinced, based on the research and the ineffectiveness of this practice wiht our kids, to nix the time out thing. I haven’t talked with Jaim about it yet though. So, tell me what you do. Vote in the poll to tell everyone if you do or don’t with time outs, and share your arguments, thoughts or alternative ideas in the comments.


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Not sure if that’s a word, but that’s what the girls and I did yesterday. We took in the Downtown Harvest Festival in Sioux Falls. It was good times. Here’s a quick pictorial report (more on Flickr):

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