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Baby Demo

What can a five-month-old do? Here’s a video we made today for a class Aunt Tracy teaches at Missouri State U Med School. The one we made of me demonstrating the same tasks didn’t make the cut.

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Kiera Movie

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Photo Shoot with Grandma Kelly


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Yes, we have more photos

Lots more on Flickr.


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What’s that name?

From the fyi department. Kiera (pronounced KEER-uh) is a Gaelic name with two meanings:

  • Lady; woman
  • Dark hair; dark one

It took us a while to decide how to spell it, and we landed here. It fits.

Jade is an English name meaning “precious stone.”   The Jade  gemstone held unique symbolic/mythical energy and powers in various cultures throughout the history of humankind. It most often shines in various shades of green.  It also starts with “J,” a middle name tradition in our family that is derived from the Clevelands here in Montrose (all of Jaimie’s brothers and sisters, and many cousins, have first names starting with J).

So, that’s our newest little girl’s name. And, not much of any of that had anything to do with why we named her Kiera Jade… 🙂


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