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Live from Mayo


All went well visiting Docs today. We’re set to check in for Hope’s procedure at 8am Thursday morning. Should be in recovery by noon. Updates to come…

Thursday afternoon update:

The procedure went really well. So well, Hope wasn’t even admitted to the hospital! She’s doing awesome, as we’re recovering with some family near Rochester. Plan to head for home tomorrow so long as all goes well til then.

We’ll be back for the next surgery sometime in late January or early February. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes–they really meant a lot to us.

Sunday Update:

Hope is doing super. She’s had very little pain, and we’ve had to just about tie her down to keep her from playing too hard. she had a slight reaction to some of the stuff they cleaned her with in surgery prep–just a rash. Back to school on Monday. All is well! We’ll be heading back to Mayo for round two in Jan or Feb.

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. It really mattered. You can check out some pics of the adventure here.

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Mayo No No

Jaim needs a hug. It’s been a rough couple weeks, with our refrigerator saga and some other stuff. And Hope’s pending surgery at Mayo. Well, turns out we won’t be worrying about Mayo for a while. The wonderful world of health insurance has stopped us in our tracks. Blue Cross Blue Shield has decided they won’t cover part of the procedure, so we’ve cancelled the January 7 appointment in Rochester.

We’ll retry this process later in 2009, and see if the insurance gods change thier minds. Our doc says Hope will be fine waiting a while. She’s definitley not complaining.

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Surgery Set

Update: We’ve set Hope’s ‘Sclerotherapy’ surgery for January 14, 2009 at Mayo Clinic. We’ll be there most of the week, adn she’ll be in the hospital in Rochester, MN for 2-3 days.

Here’s a really good link explaining the procedure. There are only two surgeons in the country who specialize in this stuff, and we’re seeing one of them. Nice to be so close to the best in the world.

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Mayo and Pumpkins

Sounds like a really interesting sandwich. Actually, it’s about the Mayo Clinic and some pumpkin sellers. Plus some bonus coverage of Montrose Homecoming…

We went to Rochester, MN this past week to see the Vascular surgeon we’ve seen once before. Hope has an hemangioma (a malformation of veins) that we’ve been watching closely since she was born. We’ll be heading back to Mayo right after Christmas for surgery, and then a couple more times later in 2009.

Thanks to the Wickses for putting us up (and putting up with us) in Zumbrota. Michael was a great entertainer for the girls! They built a Lego zoo, and torchured the cat (I think the cat liked most of it).

Grandpa Denny grew a bunch of nice pumpkins this year, and gave them all to the grandkids. Hope, Mesa, Zoey, Riley and Ty hosted a pumkpin stand Saturday on Main Street. They sold 41 pumpkins–thanks to the girls running down the street to harass nearly everybody (with coaching fro Uncle Nick).

It was Homecoming this week in Montrose, and this year was a big deal for our family. Jenna was up for coronation (she looked beautiful, but didn’t get the crown) and cousin Craig Healy was named King. Kayla was a first grade attendant, and Grandpa Denny was chosen Booster of the Year by the senior class. Denny also starred in a hilarious skit at coronation–I have video and will try to figure out how to get it online soon! All three of our girls were in the parade–Hope and Mesa each with thier class, and Zoey was Ty’s sidekick in the Jeep. As always, more pictures on Flickr.

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