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Friendly Exhibit: Ghost Bike, Park(ing) Day, Printerns and More

My friends are awesome. Besides putting up with plenty of b.s. from me, they make and do amazing things. I’m so blown away by their talent and courage. Lucky me.

See what I mean?..

Ghost Bike: Michael Christensen

Mike and I sip coffee at Coffea every so often. He usually wears tight pants and a helmet. He’s the author of The Minus Car Project, a blog about his mission to minimize the use of his car. That means biking it is his normal mode–even in January. This seems awesome enough in itself. But he recently did something that might just be the coolest project I’ve seen yet. He and his bike-shop buddy came up with Ghost Bike, an artful tribute to a fallen bicyclist in Sioux Falls. Read about it on MinusCar and Argus Leader and watch it on Keloland and KDLT.

photo by Flickr user Bill J

Park(ing) Day: Whitney Parks

I learned how awesome Whitney is when I watched her almost single-handedly make Read the rest of this entry »


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The Best Songs in Life are (Mostly) Free, 2009

When the office building you work in pipes relentless John Tesh Radio Show for 6 hours hours a day, you are bound to dig for some musical gems and experiences to load up the iPod. My journey of songs for 2009 took a very cheap and fruitful path. It felt like being a hunter-gatherer. So, if you live in J.T. Hell, don’t worry, I’ve found all the medicine you need. And made lists–many lists… Read the rest of this entry »


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Braided Hair

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TV on the Radio

Just a quick little shout about a band that’s new to me. And is awesome. I saw them on the Colbert Report the other night, and have since blown 5 bucks on iTunes. If you like lots of different music–weird but beautiful stuff–like me, TV on the Radio (yes, that’s the band name) is worth a listen. You can even listen to a bunch of songs from their new album on the website.

Buckle up.

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Turn it down

I try not to complain too much on bartblog. Not much point in it, cause I want you to like reading. But I just got home from an experience that doesn’t quite make sense. I’m sure this will get back to Adam, the new owner, through the bartblogosphere, so I guess maybe I want it too.

I play in a rec men’s volleyball league here in the village. It’s not too serious, and most of us are not too good. And it’s fun. We played especially hard tonight, so a few of us headed up town to the local establishment for a cold one and some conversation afterward. (After I stopped at home and rocked Zoey to sleep first, that is).

It was nice, until the bartender suddenly cranked up the music so loud that we couldn’t even hear each other anymore. After a while she asked us if it was too loud, and we said yes. And she smiled and walked away. And didn’t turn it down. Go figure.

So we left. Earlier than we would have otherwise.

…There. Now I’m done whining.

[The new owners are working hard to make a go of it, and to make it a fun place to hang out. I really appreciate that and wish them all the best. And we’ll keep spending some money there. Just saying.]


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