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Jobs in the Trees

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on making history. Now that you’re hard work on legislation to transform health care is complete, it’s time for jobs. Past time, I guess. So, if we the people are going to be paying to make more jobs, then let’s make that investment in places that matter most. As you already know, and can see from this nice graphic I borrowed from the Alliance for Community Trees (which they first borrowed from the folks at Grist), green industries are a doubly good investment since they create jobs for Americans and help slow down the environmental destruction we’ve become so good at. It sure would be nice if our grandchildren–yours and mine–can eat good food and have water to drink and things like that. That might be even more important than making money.

And, believe it or not, the best place to put our money into green jobs is not in road and bridge repairs or shiny new cars. It’s not even in great things like windmills or bio-energy or better insulating our homes, even though those are super levers in the effort to burn less oil.

Mr. President, the jobs are in the trees. And by spending money on planting and caring for trees and the land, a whole bunch of really neat other things begin to happen too. Our air gets cleaner, for free. Our soils hold on to and clean our precious water much better. Our lands bear fruit. And vegetables too (I know Mrs. Obama will especially like that one). More and more people will grow and eat real food instead of chemicals in disguise. Best of all, our people will begin to spend less time in and on concrete, and discover how much they love nature. They might even remember that we are all part of her–one big family of families living and breathing on one small planet. Then, I think we’ll begin to take better care of her, and of each other. And lots of these troubles we’re trying to fix will become much smaller troubles.

Very sincerely,

P.S. — I know you have a pretty huge to-do list, being the leader of the free world and all. Thanks for taking political risks to do what is right for all of us.

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First Basketball Practice (plus Obama garb + plea)

Hope had her first-ever basketball practice this morning. 2nd-6th grade b-ballers. God bless the coaches.

Plus: I received my Obama Inauguration tshirt in the mail yesterday. Sweet delivery. A thank you gift for being a supporter and cheerleader. Now, please be who we need you to be, Mr. President.


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Help Send Obama and McCain to Poland

I only want them to go there for a little while. 🙂 Who ever wins, we need him to attend this meeting. Tell the candidates, and tell your friends. Thanks.

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Barack Obama has funny ears

I got a letter in the mail from Barrack Obama today. Much like the letter I get from Barrack just about every week (asking me to ‘help build this movement’), except this one is different. It has Barrack’s picture on the envelope–a close up cropped pic of his face. Zoey (age 3) picked it up as I was making dinner tonight and said,

“Daddy, who’s this?”

“That’s Barack Obama.”

“Is he your friend?”

“Well, no. He’s going to be our President.”

“What kind of present is Rock Obama, Daddy?”

“No, ‘President,’ honey. He’s going to be the boss of the whole country.”

“Well, he has funny ears Dad…..But don’t tell him. OK?”

I won’t tell him.


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Beer Powered Cars

Beer can fuel a lot of things: parties, hobbies in the garage, indigestion, composting, sex drive, temporarily poor sense of beauty, bad fantasy football drafts, stupidity, aluminum can collections, etc. You know all those (except maybe the compost). I bet you didn’t know that you can run your car on Coors. Ethanol made from wasted Coors, that is. Sounds like the folks in Golden make 3 million gallons a year from beer that gets spilled or isn’t good enough to go into my uncle Joe.  Obama and the Dems will be riding around Denver in beer powered cars in a few weeks. Read all about that beer ethanol here, here or here.

I love beer. Not like a college guy loves beer (quantity wins), but more like a 31-year-old daddy who doesn’t think it’s fun to get hangovers anymore loves beer (quality wins). One, maybe two beers in any setting. And darker the better. It’s the kind of love wine conessiuers have with the vino. A beer can be art. Art that you drink. Or something…

Now back to work.

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