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A Politician is Born (maybe)

We don’t know yet if she’ll grow up to be a stateswoman, but Hope wowed the South Dakota Democratic Party last night at McGovern Day. Thank you to Scott Heidepreim and Marly Prunty for being gracious and inspiring hosts to Hope, and to Senator McGovern for making such an impact in our young daughter’s life. We are so proud of you Hope.


Hope as Senator McGovern at the Montrose 4th Grade Wax Museum:

Hope as George McGovern


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Stick to the Science, Save the Future of Humanity

It’s really that important. See this graph from Bill McKibben at The talks in Copenhagen right now are settling. Leaders of big countries are throwing their weight around in the name of economics and politics, settling on agreements that will mean catastrophic consequences for people, and all species, all over the world in the next 90 years. This is not something that our great grandchildren will need to worry about–it’s something people in poor parts of this world are suffering from right now. And it will get much, much worse. Bill, the most level-headed, science-based, smart climate activist I’ve followed, calls it “devastating.”

So, click here to call your leaders at the Copenhagen climate conference. Just ask them to stick to the science, not the bullshit.

And, if you feel like doing something unusual to show your support for the millions of poor people who are or will be starving due to climate change, join thousands of others around the world in a day of fasting on Thursday. Whatever fasting means to you. To me, it’ll mean eating nothing for a day, just to remind myself how what I do each day effects people on the other side of this beautiful planet.

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Help Send Obama and McCain to Poland

I only want them to go there for a little while. 🙂 Who ever wins, we need him to attend this meeting. Tell the candidates, and tell your friends. Thanks.

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Buy Low, Sell High (not “Bailout the rich guys”)


from Stuart Carlson at

It must be neat to see the world the way Guy Kawasaki does. I read his blog pretty regularly, and he always has a fascinating point of view. He’s a brand evangelist, and has a good idea for Republicans to be heroes today (not that I would wish Republicans to be heroes, but seeing a bit of heroics from anybody in Washington would be nice). Read it here.

In short, Guy says something like this: ‘hey, how about we tell this story in a different, true way? What if this big plan was about buying the bargain priced mortgages from these struggling financial institutions (the rich guys) and then selling them back in a few years after the economy recovers and these mortgages are worth a lot more–and we make a few trillion bucks for the American people. Then, let’s use that money to beef up renewable energy across the country or something very very important like that.’

Everything is about perspective. Words and framing (not that kind, Eric) are ever so important. I’ve never really understood why this or any other crisis solution from Washington wouldn’t be presented in a way that shows We, the People why it’s good for us. Silly politics…

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Obama: Real Backbone and Mad Ball Skills

What more could you want in a President?

OK, his ability to school some 3-on-3 Rec-leaguers in Indiana (see the video below) doesn’t win my vote (or anyone else’s, I pray). But he’s standing up to the bullshit trickery McCain and (surprisingly) Hillary are throwing around about this summer “gas tax holiday” idea. It won’t save us any money. It won’t cut down on our dependence on oil. It won’t help slow down global warming. It will only trick people into voting one way over another. Sure, I love a little extra cash in my pocket as much as anybody, but just like the $2100 deposit scheduled to go into my savings account tomorrow from President W., a few cents a gallon of gas tax off my bill this summer isn’t going to fix anything. No Impact Man and a bunch of experts lay it all out strait here.

Just one more reason I ask you to vote for Barack Obama. He’s willing to do what’s real and right instead of what wins short term votes. And he can kick McCain’s butt in 1-on-1. 🙂

PS-Obama comes to Watertown and Sioux Falls tomorrow. Daschle and McGovern too.


I don’t know who Mike Trap is, but his post reminded me why I started writing this one. It wasn’t just another plug for Obama. The point I forgot to make (hold the snickering please) is this: The only way to ease the pain at the pumps is to learn to use less gas. The solution is changing our behavior–shifting the way we understand and use gasoline and other fuels. Don’t fall for the gas tax holiday gimmick. Best case: American families end the summer with 25 extra bucks in their pockets, while we keep stuffing our gas guzzlers with ever-more expensive fuel. Worst case: we end up using even more gas than we would have without the tax holiday, which drives the demand–and therefore the price–up higher and higher even more quickly.

Disclaimer: I know nothing very little (can’t bash the USD econ department that bad) about economics. But these guys do:

Here’s what Barrack had to say about this slick idea a couple of weeks ago:


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