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Get Smarter. Way Smarter

Two super kick ass discoveries today that will no doubt eat up unforeseen chunks of my time for the next year:

Academic Earth

One of Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites of 2009. You can watch video lectures from top profs at the nation’s most respected universities like MIT, Stanford and such. Organized nicely, searchable, and best of all–FREE. The other cool part? The site was built by some friends at Electric Pulp.

Scientific Speed Reading

A (kind of golden oldie) blog post by Tim Ferris on “How to Read 300% Faster in 20 Minutes.” Seriously. Haven’t given it a shot yet, but will. Then, look out stack of books sitting on my desk. You. Are. Toast.

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Part 3: Live From Little Sand Lake

OK, so it was more than a week ago, but who’s counting?

The final recap in this series is mostly some pictures (there are many many more on our Flickr page). It was hiking (on trails and in the baby Mississippi), beaching it, reading, relaxing on the lake, swimming in frigid water, slip n slide, hot tubbing (with goggles), camp firing, birthday partying, and lots and lots of eating. Genuinely good stuff.

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Make time for it. I’ve been so busy lately that I’m doing lots of stupid things. Like lying in bed awake most of the night worrying about the work that isn’t done. Or skipping my daily stretching and meditation. Or not reading the authors who inspire me.

Hope and I are just finishing up an hour of reading at the kitchen table. She’s on chapter three of These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingals Wilder. I’ve been digging through my RSS reader. Piles and piles of blog posts that have been patiently waiting for me. While I was finishing up these posts, I realized something. Reading is a big passion for me, so reading some particular authors really gets me tuned in and inspired. Seth Godin, the guys at 37signals, Tenneson Wolfe and Chris Corrigan are some bloggers who reach some place deep in me. No more ignoring them for a month at a time…

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Blankie Books and Giant Flies

You may have noticed I added a little widget to the sidebar of bartblog. It lets you know what book I’m reading now (as if you want to know). I just finished Walden by Henry David Thoreau last night. I read the ‘Concord Library’ edition with a foreword and some notes by one of my other favorite authors: Bill McKibben (his Deep Economy is a must read).

Walden is one of those books I’ll carry around with me a lot, sort of like a favorite blankie or something. I have a couple other books like that–there’s a good chance you’ll find The Call by Oriah Mountain Dreamer and Brenda Ueland’s If You Want to Write pretty much every time you snoop in my backpack.

I just started (last night) with a new book. Jaimie brought home Eckart Tolle’s The Power of Now (the book he wrote before he met Oprah), and by the intro and first dozen pages, it is definitely a candidate for the ‘blankie books.’ Jaim’s boss gave all the managers a copy yesterday–Jaim is reading Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, so I jumped her in line to read Tolle. I can’t figure out what could have prompted her to buy that Mars and Venus book…

Happy reading.

A big ass fly.

Jaimie discovered this monster fly on the side of our house this afternoon. I’ve never seen one so huge (that’s my index finger in the photo for scale). Anybody know what it is? C’mon you closet entemologists out there…


(photo from

We’re off to JazzFest with the Ver Steegs (and other friends) tonight. That’s Tab Benoit in the picture. He plays at 7:30. Hope to see you there.


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