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Don’t Fake It

real vs. fake christmas tree debate

photo from

I was recently interviewed (again) by my pal Flowerman on the world’s greatest rock gardening radio show.  It’s a special holiday season for me this year, even though my amazing wife has come close to accusing me of being a scrooge. This year I have the honor of being featured in the magical 100th episode of Rock Garden Tour to talk about Nancy’s trashy christmas tree in my living room and fish mating in the family stock dam. It’s a real vs. fake conversation.

You can listen for yourself to the interview full of some tips and tricks for loving Earth and your christmas tree on RGT 100: That Creep Can Ho Ho Ho Man (listen to the whole show on SDPB). You can also learn a bunch about the great real vs. fake christmas tree debate by clicking on the photo above or visiting Green Your Decor.

(And just to straiten things out, Flowerman was not announcing my new religion. Key to the Cow God Admirer reference: from a bartblog back file.)

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Big Wiggly Week

In the past couple weeks the worms went big time. I mean huge. Shaq O’Neal huge.

Last week I sat down with Flowerman from Rock Garden Tour to talk compost. And I brought him some worms for the studio audience. He did a whole show on our interview, and starring the new RGT red wigglers. It’ll be on SD Public Radio eventually, I think (thought i would be this week, but looks like it’s a re-run coming up tomorrow night).  At any rate, it’s always good time to chat with Ted, and the worm nation spread it’s wings again.

They were going hollywood again this Thursday, starring in a SF Green Project “compost and rain barrels” workshop I taught with a couple of friends. We talked the beauties of gardeners’ gold and red wigglers with 20 eager students, and then helped them build their own take-home rain barrels. I sent a wiggler starter package home with three people. I’ll be repeating the compost portion of the class with Aimee Ladonski at the Sioux Falls Lawn and Garden Show next weekend.

What do they get in celebration? Back in the garage after a nice long winter in the warm(er) basement.

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How to Not Become a Zombie

Real Haitian Zombie (

"Real Haitian Zombie"

OK, so it’s nearly Halloween. I know this because last night  I went with my kids to Reading Rally while donning a werewolf mask. So it seems like zombies are on the top of pretty much everyone’s mind these days.

I mean I saw a lame Thriller interpretation on Dancing with the Stars tonight, the dudes at Rock Garden Tour did a whole show on zombie plants, there’s a zombie movie out (October staple, I guess), and a while back I happened upon this shocking footage on the Real Zombies of Haiti. (See the how-to video below, if you’ve always wondered how to make a real zombie.) It’s even possible I’m a zombie right now, since I’ve fallen back into insomniac mode as of late.

The good news is this: I have a sure fire, fool proof method to make sure you never end up wandering the night streets moaning with arms outstretched. Sound the bell, this is big.

Organ donation. It’s so simple. Give away your organs, eyes and tissues when you die, and there will be nothing left worth zombifying. Hey, you get to rest in peace AND several other people get to live, thanks to you. And it’s really easy to become a donor here in South Dakota (and most other places too). Next time you renew your drivers’ license, just let ’em know you want to be a donor, and they’ll put it right on there. Until then, you can get a snazzy little sticker to go on your license by filling out an easy form here. You can also download a family notification form here so everybody knows you don’t want to become a zombie.

  • Right now over 100,000 people–men, women and kids–need a transplant to survive.
  • Every 11 minutes another name is added to the national organ transplant waiting list.
  • Yet, about 18 people die every day from the lack of available organs for transplant.
  • And, zombie mobs really suck.

Find more info on donating life in South Dakota or any other state at Donate Life America. And read about 10 confusing organ donation myths from Mayo Clinic (hint: it’s almost surely not against your religion). Please join me in the fight against zombies by making your wishes to be an organ, eye and tissue donor known.


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Rock Garden Tour Blows Up

Straw hats off to the dudes of Rock Garden Tour. The best radio show on the prairie just went global. Well, statewide anyway. Flowerman, Oil Can and the RGT Family Band made the leap from small college radio to South Dakota Public Broadcasting. Boom!

What?! You don’t know how to turnip your radio? Rock Garden Tour is this fun little program and podcast celebrating some of creations’ greatest achievements: rock n roll, rural life and gardening. The podcast is great, the live show is better. Now you can catch it on SDPB Radio Sunday nights at 10, or download the podcast.

The Rock Garden Tour interview at Michelle's Coffee

The Rock Garden Tour interview at Michelle's Coffee

Now that’s a big accomplishment for RGT. But there’s something even bigger: Flowerman just wrapped up an exclusive interview with me about my big trip to the sewage treatment plant yesterday. We talked about the guy who operates the Hot Sludge lake boat, and bib overalls. You’ll have to tune into the show to check it out.

Update: Poo Lake made the cut.

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