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Maroney Rural Learning Center

Well, that was fun. Jumping out there as a full time consultant, I mean. It’s been great helping several non-profits, companies and communities to think and talk things through. I made enough money to get by, learned some valuable insight, made some new friends, and got a lot of good hiking in. (I also often didn’t shower or put on a clean shirt until lunch time.)

Now I’m back in the land of the employed. This week I went back to work at the Rural Learning Center in Howard, SD, where I’ll become President in February (here’s a blast from the past). Ultimately I’ll be responsible for running a team dedicated to helping rural communities reimagine and thrive, along with operating a green hotel, restaurant and conference/training center being built in Howard. And we’ll also be managing the South Dakota chapter of American Institute of Architects, and a few other related non-profits. It’s the biggest job I’ve ever had, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’m as nervous as I am excited. Thank the universe I’m re-joining an awesome and smart team I can rely on.

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Rock Garden Tour Blows Up

Straw hats off to the dudes of Rock Garden Tour. The best radio show on the prairie just went global. Well, statewide anyway. Flowerman, Oil Can and the RGT Family Band made the leap from small college radio to South Dakota Public Broadcasting. Boom!

What?! You don’t know how to turnip your radio? Rock Garden Tour is this fun little program and podcast celebrating some of creations’ greatest achievements: rock n roll, rural life and gardening. The podcast is great, the live show is better. Now you can catch it on SDPB Radio Sunday nights at 10, or download the podcast.

The Rock Garden Tour interview at Michelle's Coffee

The Rock Garden Tour interview at Michelle's Coffee

Now that’s a big accomplishment for RGT. But there’s something even bigger: Flowerman just wrapped up an exclusive interview with me about my big trip to the sewage treatment plant yesterday. We talked about the guy who operates the Hot Sludge lake boat, and bib overalls. You’ll have to tune into the show to check it out.

Update: Poo Lake made the cut.

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Talkin Rural in Su Fu

A little project I’ve been working on. Hope you can come…

rural assembly save date

Learn more at or download the Rural Assembly postcard (pdf alert).

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If you hurry

I gave a talk yesterday at the Women In Blue Jeans conference in Mitchell, SD about small town community development, called “Turning Your Small Town Around.” Then I got an email this morning from Slideshare saying this: “Congratulations! Your presentation ‘Turning Your Small Town Around’ is currently being showcased on the ‘How-to & DIY’ page on SlideShare.” It’s for today only. Kind of cool. I put my slideshow up on that site so I could share it with the folks who out up with listening to me for 45 minutes. All 8 of them.

If you hurry, you can see my show on the How-to feature. Or, you can see it forever here. Or, like most ladies at the conference yesterday, you can spend your time watching something else…

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In Little Howard, South Dakota?!

Here’s a video of a news story KSFY TV (the local ABC affiliate) did Sunday night. It’s on the green conference and training center project we’ve been working on at the Rural Learning Center in Howard.

Watch the video here.


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