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Cow Pie Bingo and Late for School (plus a rainbow)

Every town has a summer festival of some sort right? Well our little town didn’t, until three years ago when a committee formed a new annual celebration, and held a contest to name it. So the Irish Spudfest was born. It’s pretty much perfect. Family focus, low-cost, simple and “villagey.” We kicked it off by conquering the 1 mile walk as a family. The girls ran the last quarter-mile or so, because they decided it was a race. Kayla had an injury (blister from those new Nikes) and convinced me to give her a lift on my back.

IMG_0695 IMG_0700 IMG_0699

IMG_0709 IMG_0710 IMG_0703

Following the big race/walk (some ambitious/silly people actually ran a 5k), there was lawn mower bingo for the kiddos (and at least one adult–more on that later), the big tater dig in the community garden, a spud-themed parade, kick ball and bean bag tournaments, inflatables, vendors a silent auction, a dunk tank, fresh-cut fries and sweet corn, a big community picnic (tater salad), and dancing to the harder-than-expected rock of the Neo Johnsons. Did I forget anything?.. Of course–the Cow Pie Bingo. We bought square E11, to no avail.

IMG_0715 IMG_0718

Today was day 1 of the 2009-2010 school year her in Montrose. And we were late. It’s a long story–something about hair pieces in the wrong spot, a calculator and the ‘meanest parents in the world.’ Nice way to kick things off.  The big deal this year is Hope moved to another building, so Mesa is on her own in the first grade. Zoey is kickin it at the daycare as the “biggest kid” (oldest) around. Despite the rough start, Mesa said the first day was ‘fabulous.’

As a parting gift, here’s a panoramic shot of the full rainbow we saw one evening this past week. I used some software that came with our Canon camera to stitch three photos together. I am not a pro.

rainbow panorama

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First Day Part 2

As in daughter number two. School started today in our little village. Mesa is at her first day of Kindergarten today. Leading up to Hope’s first ever day of school, she and her Mom were both nervous (and Mommy was a bit sad). But this time around, it’s been nothing but excitement. Mesa has been pumped for a while, and she jumped out of bed this morning and ran around giving high fives and thumbs-up.

Cousin Riley is a Kindergartner too. Having a kindergartner in the house means the triumphant return of Mrs. Smith’s Kindergarten Home Page. Not much up there yet. Hey, it’s the first day. Hope is off to second grade with Mrs. Weibersick without any sweat or tears. Here’s a link to keep up with Mrs. Weibersick’s class (again, not much there yet).

Other updates…

Since bartblog has been a little quiet lately, here’s a quick update on stuff we’ve been up to:

  • Daddy’s been ‘on the road again.’ Traveled a lot last week and some this week.
  • We went camping with Grandpa and Grandma’s camper weekend before last (see pictures here).
  • Jaime mowed Dad’s lawn when we got back–her first ride at the controls of a zero turn thing-a-magig.
  • Our tomatoes are starting to (finally) ripen.
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School’s Out

Holy crap. Somebody tell me how to stop my kids from growing up.

Mesa’s big moment +
Silly string celebration

Mesa graduated from pre-school last night, and I watched Hope kick butt this morning in the shortened 50 meter dash at “field day” to end first grade. It was short because it was moved inside the gym due to the rain. After she whipped all the other first graders, she came in a close second when four 6th 8th grade boys challenged her. Yup–she beat all but one of ’em. Her shit is quick, I guess.

So now it’s on to softball, T-ball, vacations, swimming lessons, vacation bible school, and what not. Somehow, Jaim and I still need to fit work in. (And an occasional date.) I know everybody says this all the time, but I really can’t get my mind around how fast time is flying by me. You don’t notice it as much until one day you’re watching your cone-head daughter come into this world (the cone head went back to normal after a couple days) and the very next day she’s reading chapter books (this is a big deal–the chapters) and getting pumped about being a second grader.

Love every second.

Half a Hope


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