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Verses from a December weekend

Two to share. A haiku inspired by a story I heard from Krista Tippet’s Speaking of Faith, and a freestyle verse on time and procrastination. By freestyle, I mean sometimes (usually, actually) I just scribble down some things really quickly on the fly, without any work or careful editing. It’s just kind of verse-improv. It’s usually not very good stuff, but I share it with hopes it will give you courage to try it.


Skates find dark abyss
Glass roof exit hides tonight
Rest in cold surrender


Tomorrow. (Written in the kitchen)

Don’t worry any more,
I’ll surely  start the morrow
with vigor’s determination,
Upon my proclaimed quest.

We’re right here by the door.

Light years ’til the dawn,
Far off across the wilderness,
No telling if far and wide
Will ever take us there.
Old day is never gone.

But wait–my plan is still within,
Untouched, as now becomes yesterday.

What if the buzzer sounds
And I am waiting still?
That perfect time
For my quest to just begin.

The next step that I make
We may fall through into another day.
Could be here already
By the end of this next breath.

Just blink and I will wake,
In time to turn the key.

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Good Sundays

Ours was the right kind this weekend. Waffles with blueberry syrup for breakfast. Knocking each other out in Wii boxing (and discovering Wii golf is more fun that we first thought).  A little football on TV. A good cold hike. Giving thanks together. Some good stories, told and read. Snow angels. And ice skating with an almost-hot chocolate and warm cookies break. Sweet.


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Spring Skate

Jaimie is “Manager on Duty” this weekend at the Fitness Center (“My Mom is the boss today!” as Mesa says), so the girls and I finally tried out the new Montrose skating rink (thanks to the Horizons crew). We are all rookie skaters, btw.


Zo and Mesa tried the skates for a few minutes, but then opted for tennis shoes instead. The General Store didn’t have any skates for Daddies. I shot a couple short videos of the ice action, but haven’t figured out how to get it on here yet… Got ’em on Google Video!

We made it through our virgin skating experience with a few casualties–all for Hope. She went home with a blister on both heels and a bruised bum!..
I optimistically called it a “Spring” skate–evidence was the flock of geese flying overhead, and the thermometer (almost 40 degrees!).

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