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Snowy Morning, plus a Bird Brain


Mother Nature is a bit schitzophrenic these days. About 36 hours ago it was a record 91 degrees here on the rolling prairie. I slept outside for a while Thursday night. This morning, a light blanket of the white stuff. At least the birds are still singing.


Speaking of our feathered friends, there’s a very determined sparrow trying to break through our living room window. He’s been at it since at least 5:15am. That’s when he woke me up. I’ve tried scaring him, tried covering the window with the drapes…no luck. He just keeps slamming the glass every 4-11 seconds. That’s gotta eventually put a dent in the melon. Same stupid action, same result.

Wish I wasn’t seeing so much of myself in that bird as I watch him.

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The Snowman Wins

Remember that Burning Snowman ceremony in our back yard a couple weekends ago? When it was about 70 degrees and we were roasting marshmallows? Happy April…

img_3343 img_3344

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Miss You Mommy (plus a bonus sunset shot)

For Real: ‘Miss You Mommy”

The Spoof (directed by Mesa J.): ‘Cry Babies’

More fun in the sun (a little ‘Queen of the Mountain’). What a beautiful spring day…in the left overs from a blizzard! The girls and I set up our lazy swing on the back deck this morning to give Mother Nature a little hint…

Zo + Hope climb a snowpile--in mid-April! queen of the hill Mesa makes a move toward queen of the mountain

A bonus shot of the sunset last night from our back yard…

An April sunset--in the snow!

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