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Forgotten News

It’s been a good June. We’ve been unplugged for most of it (that’s the good part). So, you missed a few news items from Bartland.

Four Eyes

Right before vacation I made a trip to the eye doctor for the first time since college. The news is I have a stigmatism that’s making things a little blurry for me. I’ve never needed glasses, so this was a first for me. They sent me home with five pairs to show the fam and choose from. They all failed the test, so I brought my whole crew in the next afternoon to help me pick the perfect pair.

Still getting used to them after three weeks, but I guess if I have to wear glasses, these will do.

The Odyssey

We’ve had our eye on Honda’s version of the family attack vehicle for a while, so when the one with all the features and mileage we’ve been looking for popped up on a web search, we started talking with our new friends in Aberdeen. I was actually looking for a replacement for my Ford Taurus, which I thought had finally quit on me after 230,000 miles and 11 years together. Alas, the Taurus was resurrected by my magician mechanic Frank, and we were suddenly minivan shopping.

We weren’t happy with the trade in offer from the dealer, so on a whim I shot some photos of our Dodge Caravan and listed it on Craigslist over dinner one evening, just for curiosity. Within 12 hours, it was sold. Crazy.

Tooth Fairies in Colorado

Zoey lost her first tooth while on vacation in Colorado earlier this month. Good for her, she thought. Her uncle Paul had been joking with Hope that the Tooth Fairy gives 5 bucks per tooth in Colorado, so when Zoey’s tooth came out unexpectedly, she was seeing green. Turns out either the tooth fairy was also on vacation, or Paul is full of malarkey.

Partied Out

Hope and Mesa both have birthdays in early June. Due to travel schedules, we actually celebrated three times each so friends and family could share in the parties. That’s a lot of cake in one month.

Mayo with That

We’re headed back to Mayo Clinic this week for another in a series of procedures for Hope. She was born with a “veinous malformation” called hemangeoma, which means she has a tangled up ball of extra veins in her chest. Luckily, it’s right below the skin, so easy to get at it. This will be the second in a series of procedures to remove it while it’s still detached from any arteries or other tissues.

Always scary to send your kid into an operating room (particularly for Mommies), but we’re in very good hands at Mayo. The best in the world, we’re told.

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Mayo Update (thank you superman)

Sometimes doctors do amazing things that have nothing to do with curing this or repairing that. A couple months ago, we went to see yet another doctor about Hope’s hemangioma condition and the surgery she needs. As a refresher, this is a malformation she was born with that we’ve seen at least half a dozen different doctors about, and all conclude the same thing: she needs surgery, and Mayo Clinic is the best place on Earth to do it. We had everything scheduled about a year ago in Rochester, and had made a couple trips there to meet with the vascular and plastic surgeons. Then insurance happened.

Our health insurer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of SD, called it an “experimental procedure” and refused to pay anything for it. Our doctor at Mayo argued with them, as did our pediatrician and our pediatric dermatologist in Sioux Falls. To no avail. It became a waiting game.

Then this summer, Dr Kooima (our pediatrician) said maybe we should go see another doctor, right here in Sioux Falls, to have a look. We went to see Dr. Miller, and now we call him superman. Dr. Miller told us the same things we’ve heard many times: she needs the procedure, and Mayo is the only place to go. Then he did something magic. As we where leaving, he mentioned that he’d send a letter to BCBS on our behalf, telling them what he told us, and that he’d be sure to check that the other three doctors involved did the same thing.

Voila! Within a couple weeks we had a letter in our hand from BCBS letting us know we were now fulling covered. Jaim called to be sure it really meant we had a green light. We’re scheduled for the first in a series of 4-5 surgeries on November 4 at Mayo. Thanks Superman.

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Doctor Do Little

Hope saw another Doc yesterday. This time a plastic surgeon in Sioux Falls who’s becoming a big shot. His answer: Mayo Clinic.

So, of course, we’ve been there and done that. And got sent home by the big bad insurance monster. The good news is the latest Doc promised to write a letter to Blue Cross Blue Shield reaffirming what all the other doctors have already said: this is a needed surgery, not experimental, and needs to be done soon–and Mayo or Boston are the only good places to do it.

Maybe my Senator can help.

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Mayo No No

Jaim needs a hug. It’s been a rough couple weeks, with our refrigerator saga and some other stuff. And Hope’s pending surgery at Mayo. Well, turns out we won’t be worrying about Mayo for a while. The wonderful world of health insurance has stopped us in our tracks. Blue Cross Blue Shield has decided they won’t cover part of the procedure, so we’ve cancelled the January 7 appointment in Rochester.

We’ll retry this process later in 2009, and see if the insurance gods change thier minds. Our doc says Hope will be fine waiting a while. She’s definitley not complaining.

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Surgery Set

Update: We’ve set Hope’s ‘Sclerotherapy’ surgery for January 14, 2009 at Mayo Clinic. We’ll be there most of the week, adn she’ll be in the hospital in Rochester, MN for 2-3 days.

Here’s a really good link explaining the procedure. There are only two surgeons in the country who specialize in this stuff, and we’re seeing one of them. Nice to be so close to the best in the world.

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