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Cow Pie Bingo and Late for School (plus a rainbow)

Every town has a summer festival of some sort right? Well our little town didn’t, until three years ago when a committee formed a new annual celebration, and held a contest to name it. So the Irish Spudfest was born. It’s pretty much perfect. Family focus, low-cost, simple and “villagey.” We kicked it off by conquering the 1 mile walk as a family. The girls ran the last quarter-mile or so, because they decided it was a race. Kayla had an injury (blister from those new Nikes) and convinced me to give her a lift on my back.

IMG_0695 IMG_0700 IMG_0699

IMG_0709 IMG_0710 IMG_0703

Following the big race/walk (some ambitious/silly people actually ran a 5k), there was lawn mower bingo for the kiddos (and at least one adult–more on that later), the big tater dig in the community garden, a spud-themed parade, kick ball and bean bag tournaments, inflatables, vendors a silent auction, a dunk tank, fresh-cut fries and sweet corn, a big community picnic (tater salad), and dancing to the harder-than-expected rock of the Neo Johnsons. Did I forget anything?.. Of course–the Cow Pie Bingo. We bought square E11, to no avail.

IMG_0715 IMG_0718

Today was day 1 of the 2009-2010 school year her in Montrose. And we were late. It’s a long story–something about hair pieces in the wrong spot, a calculator and the ‘meanest parents in the world.’ Nice way to kick things off.  The big deal this year is Hope moved to another building, so Mesa is on her own in the first grade. Zoey is kickin it at the daycare as the “biggest kid” (oldest) around. Despite the rough start, Mesa said the first day was ‘fabulous.’

As a parting gift, here’s a panoramic shot of the full rainbow we saw one evening this past week. I used some software that came with our Canon camera to stitch three photos together. I am not a pro.

rainbow panorama

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Blazing, and a teaser


Holy Shmolies it’s nice out today. 49 degrees and sunny right now, and still climbing. Been one of those deep freeze kind of winters since November, so this is scrumptious. Just sharing the love.

Hope and Bailey needed those hats and coats for about 12 seconds. Seriously, people are coming out of the woodwork–walking around town in long sleeve t-shirts. Mesa and I were just out on the deck in bare feet without a even a jacket. Funny how different 49 feels in January compared to June.

Other Hot News

There’s a big juicy story brewing in the family. But I’m not telling yet. Stay tuned…

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Santas, Swimming, Singing and Such

Been sitting here in this winter’s first blizzard watching the Vikes whoop on the Cardinals this afternoon, and trying to catch up on some bartblog posting. Here’s what we’ve been up to the past week or so.

The kids have seen three different Santas in the past eight days. Guess which one Zoey says is the “real” Santa…Jaimie worked last weekend, so we went to a hotel last Saturday night and spent hours swimming and ordering overpriced food and Shirley Temples…This week was the Montrose k-12 Christmas Concert, so the girls were all fancied up. The highlight was bringing Zoey, Mom and Dad into their classrooms before the big show…Zoey hit the kids’ Christmas party at the Fitness Center on Friday morning, where she made a marshmallow snowman (I think)…We also took our second baptism in recent weeks. this time, it was Mya on Friday night. Never mind we were skipping my first-ever invite to the famed “Aloho” christmas party in Sioux Falls (put on by my new friends at Lawrence and Schiller)…And finally, we spent today cooped up in the house thanks to the blizzard outside. It was movies, football, cooking, a little reading and a really tough puzzle.

Thanks for riding along.


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Spring Skate

Jaimie is “Manager on Duty” this weekend at the Fitness Center (“My Mom is the boss today!” as Mesa says), so the girls and I finally tried out the new Montrose skating rink (thanks to the Horizons crew). We are all rookie skaters, btw.


Zo and Mesa tried the skates for a few minutes, but then opted for tennis shoes instead. The General Store didn’t have any skates for Daddies. I shot a couple short videos of the ice action, but haven’t figured out how to get it on here yet… Got ’em on Google Video!

We made it through our virgin skating experience with a few casualties–all for Hope. She went home with a blister on both heels and a bruised bum!..
I optimistically called it a “Spring” skate–evidence was the flock of geese flying overhead, and the thermometer (almost 40 degrees!).

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