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Almost celebrity

For some reason, the Sioux Falls Business Journal featured a Q&A with yours truly last week. In case you fancy about that sort of thing.

Read Green Soul Sprouted in Grandparents’ Garden. Yes, I’m a bonafide media darling. (OK, I’m just some guy with a new job a few people are interested in…)

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In Little Howard, South Dakota?!

Here’s a video of a news story KSFY TV (the local ABC affiliate) did Sunday night. It’s on the green conference and training center project we’ve been working on at the Rural Learning Center in Howard.

Watch the video here.


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I’ve been super crazy busy the past month. Even more than usual. Working two jobs is as tough as I expected. I’m loving it, mostly. But I’m putting in a lot more night and weekend hours than my girls would like. I’m even getting some help (one pic above shows Hope helping me stuff and label some envelopes yesterday morning, the other shows the cool office space downtown Sioux Falls that a new friend is lettgin me share with her a couple days a week).

So here’s the thing: I took this new job so I would be able to really make a difference in my work AND hang out with my kids. I knew it would take a cople months to get things rolling and set into a groove. I need to calm this storm, and still deliver high performance. It’s the dance I’ve been learning for a while now, and I’ve still on the JV team with it. Any helpful advice out there? Zoey told me on Friday that she’ll love this Christmas forever if I don’t work too much. 😦

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I [Heart] RLC.

CB030097One thing I love about this blog is that I can just throw shit up here–thoughts and ideas and commentary, real and raw. And, since I’m writing to my family and friends, I don’t filter. Sometimes I forget that my audience isn’t just my family and friends.  I wrote a post this past weekend about taking on an exciting new project in my work. Since putting it up on Friday afternoon, nearly 1500 people have visited bartblog. An average of almost 400 a day. A normal day is somewhere between 80 and 150. What gives? (I have no idea.)

And, sometimes, things don’t spit out right.  A couple of my friends have told me that post the other day sounded like I was saying I’m glad to leave the Rural Learning Center behind. I’m not.

So, just to clear things up: I’ve had nothing but love for the RLC.  I really love my work there. Always have. And the friendrlc-new-logos and colleagues I’ve had a chance to work with are amazing (and much smarter than me). I’m forever grateful for all I’ve learned and shared with them. My boss and co-workers have been totally supportive of my most recent experiment, and have put up with a boatlod of others over the past 3 years. It’s been super swell of them. And I’m not disappearing.

I see now that the word ‘quit’ is strong. I overdramatize my headlines, I guess (and it works, case in point). This has been a super difficult decision for me, and not one I’ve made by weighing pros and cons. It’s been a gut check–a calling that I’m following. Not anything I’m getting away from. I believe this new opportunity was brought to me for a reason (thanks again for being the messenger Nicole).

So here’s the low down, for anyone interested. For the next few months (beginning in December) I’ll be working on the Green Project a few days a week and on RLC projects a couple days a week.  It’s a way for me to jump into the pool but keep my hands on the deck. We’ve all agreed to go with it this way until we don’t. And it’s pretty amazing for both parties to allow me to do that. Sincere thanks for that.

So that’s the scoop. Thanks for reading.

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I quit my job this week

For real. I resigned from the Rural Learning Center on Monday afternoon. As of Friday, I’m the first Executive Director of a cool new non-profit start-up called Sioux Falls Green Project (though I won’t hit full swing until December). It’ll be a part time gig to start out. My last full-time day at the Rural Learning Center is November 26. I’ll still be helping out with some RLC projects part time, and blogging at

So, I’ve been really busy pulling all this together, and taking in another Art of Hosting training last week (see some AoH pics here). I forgot my computer while on the road for four days. It was a wonderful thing to forget. Sorry about the little unplanned break on bartblog. Stay tuned…


Oh, and I almost forgot. Thank you Nikki. I do owe you a green beer.

UPDATE/ADD ON (11.17.2008):

I wanted to add a little something to this post. This is kind of a scary time to be leaving a meaningful, secure, full-time job with benefits. A job that I like. With people that I love.

It seems the world is falling down all around us right now. Who knows what kind of economy we’ll be living in. I’ve taken plenty of leaps before, and I’ve never done it with fear–always with the confidence that comes from following a call from deep inside. This is no different, except that the constraints and container have changed.  It means I’ve lost a lot of sleep, and can’t seem to meditate as well as normal lately. So I guess that’s fear.

A good friend taught me something about fear recently. She told me how she’s come to recognize fear as a signal. Just like the leaves changing color and falling to the ground is a signal that something is coming. So, not something bad, per se, but something big. This is something big and important enough to risk it.

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