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It Ain’t Easy Being a Kindergartener

Zoey, about one hour after her first day of Kindergarten, out like a light. Good thing it was an early out.


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Three Big Girls Now

Notice anything particularly sparkly about Zoey today? Just got this photo sent to me with the message “You have three big girls now.”  Girls get earrings on their fifth birthday at our house…

Stay tuned for some pics from the big birthday bash this past weekend. And, perhaps, other news about our family from the past few months–just for Jenna. 😉


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Love and Lollipops

lollipop33ff4I have a great big smile on my face.

I was snuggling with my four year old at bedtime tonight. As usual, I told her I “love her to all the stars in the universe.” Usually, her response is something about loving me to ten places and Colorado (the longest drive she’s ever been on). Tonight though, she got so excited and told me this,

“Daddy, last night I had a dream and there were lollipops everywhere. Really big lollipops and I could just keep licking them like this (slurpy licking sound) all day. I really love lollipops. Daddy, I love you more than lollipops.”


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Hike at Dusk

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Fishy Dance

Entertainment caught at the MCDC Preschool graduation ceremony last night…


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